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About Us

Teamwork is vital to any successful business endeavor and real estate professionals are only as good as the team that surround them. Jesse Brossa has amassed an expert group of creative and resourceful professionals that ensure a smooth, efficient experience for clients, whether they're buying or selling property in Orange County.

Jesse's clients have needs as diverse as their backgrounds. Whether it's a top-notch team of marketers, photographers, and web designers or experienced escrow and title professionals and trustworthy general contractors, each client has unique needs that require experienced hands.

"I build my business by word of mouth. I hope people see my website, and like the pictures and search for a property, but what really matters are the people, their needs, and their goals, not necessarily interactive widgets."

Being a champion for a buyer or a seller is the easy part. Sometimes, the challenge rests in working efficiently and respectfully with the agents representing the other side of your negotiation. Jesse's innate ability to relate to others means that the negotiation process is free of unnecessary ego battles between competing agents. By working together, Jesse seeks to smooth the part of the home buying and selling process that can be the roughest on a client.